Hockey Canada Half Ice Mandate / Hockey Alberta Initiation Standards / DVMH Guidelines

Please click on the following links to familiarize yourself to the Hockey Canada Half Ice Mandate and the Hockey Alberta Initiation Standards.



DVMH Initiation Guidelines 2017-2018 Season

Please note: Hockey Alberta uses the term INITIATION for all players 5-6 years old - We no longer use the term MITES.

DVMH recognizes the 5-6 year old teams as INITIATION (2011-2012 birth years)

DVMH 4 year old program is recognized as the TIMBITS (2013 birth year)


  1. No more than 20 games during the season

  2. Games are considered anything over 21 minutes in length vs opponent (try to keep

    practice scrimmages to no longer than 15 min please)

  3. Tournament and exhibition games count

    (no out of town games until December - no exceptions)

  4. INITIATION Jamboree days (house league play) only count as 1 game for the day

  5. INITIATION House league games start mid November - Date TBD

  6. TIMBITS No games until December
  7. 3:1 ratio practices to games

  8. All games to have a game sheet and manager to keep a copy

  9. Remember to obtain a travel permit if playing outside of our association



  1. Games and scrimmages are to be played on a modified ice surface such as cross ice or half ice, not full ice - As per Hockey Canada Mandate

  2. Hockey Alberta Standards will be followed:

    - blue pucks
    - no score to be kept
    - no dressed goalies, only goalie stick is permitted (Optional)
    - FACE OFFs at the beginning of each shift ONLY. After a goal is scored, the scoring team is to touch back on their net, or high five their goalie, to allow time for the team that was scored on to skate the puck out of their zone.

  3. No set goalies, coaches are encouraged to rotate players through. Coaches, please encourage the goalie to stand up in net. They can make a save however they choose when the shot comes, but we are trying to stay away from kids kneeling on the ice using their stick to block the net at all times. As well, injury from a shot is more likely if they are on their knees.

  4. 3 minute shifts controlled by buzzer

  5. 3 goal rule per player per game

  6. Intermediate sized nets


Have a great season everyone!!





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